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Pay Information

We strive to give UL Lafayette employees access to all the
payroll information that will be needed to help them make
appropriate financial decisions.
If an employee has a ULink account and password;
pay stubs, leave balances and salary information are
at their finger tips.
All employees are required to report their time and attendance
using the WebAID system. If you are unable to access the
system, a paper timesheet is required.  If you have  problems
accessing  WebAID, please call the Help Desk at 2-4357.
For other questions regarding WebAID, please call the Payroll
Classified employees of the university are appointed with
the State of Louisiana Civil Service Regulations. Each
position has specific job requirements to determine
proper classification or job title. The Department of Civil
Service sets the minimum qualification requirements
and the pay range to which the position is assigned.
(Examples: Administrative Assistants, Custodians,
Accounting positions)  Classified employees are paid
biweekly (26 checks per year).
All other employees are considered Unclassified.
Unclassified would include faculty and 12-month
administrative employees. Unclassified employees
are usually paid monthly. Full-time continuing
faculty have the option of receiving their academic
salary in 10 or 12 installments.