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Payroll is governed by many agencies including the University itself, Civil Service, the  Louisiana System
Board, Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service to name a few. Staying in compliance is one
of the goals of the Payroll office.
Classified employees of the university are appointed with the State of Louisiana Civil Service Regulations.
Each position has specific job requirements to determine proper classification or job title. The
Department of Civil Service sets the minimum qualification requirements and the pay range to which the
position is assigned. (Examples: Administrative Assistants, Custodians, Accounting positions) 
Classified employees are paid biweekly (26 checks per year).
All other employees are considered Unclassified. Unclassified would include faculty and 12-month
administrative employees. Unclassified employees are usually paid monthly. Full-time continuing faculty
have the option of receiving their academic salary in 10 or 12 installments.